Indigenous Arts Network
Last year Nadya was interviewed by the Indigenous Arts Network (IAN), a website that showcases contemporary indigenous art from a wide range of disciplines across Canada, namely theatre, writing, film and video, music, new media, dance, craft/ design, visual art and communication. Other artists featured on the website are: Billy Merasty, Michael Greyeyes, Zacharias Kunuk, Terrance Houle, Tracey Deer and many others. IAN is an initiative of the Association for Native Development in the Performing & Visual Arts (ANDPVA). “Success to me means inspiration, being able to inspire other people. That’s when I know I’ve done my job, and at times it can be draining to have to constantly be that, but you keep going and you keep doing it. Because it is reciprocal, people inspire me to do the work that I do. This land we live in, this city that we live in, the country, you know what I mean? It’s reciprocal, it’s all reciprocal.” Full Interview:
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Seattle WA ★ Apr. 16 – 19, 2010
Nadya continues the Spring RWS Spring Photo Session Tour. This trip is confirmed with sessions now being scheduled between April 16 – 19. If you’re interested in booking us, please review the Rates/ Info below and send an email via the Contact Form with your session ideas and requested dates. Note: Booking Fees must be sent in advance! TRAVEL is split evenly between all confirmed bookings. FLIGHT: $400 fr/ Toronto (one-way) TRAIN: $35 to Vancouver (one-way) ► TOTAL: $435 BOOKING FEES: are NON-REFUNDABLE & must be PAID IN-ADVANCE. Please review the Rate sheets below before confirming/ RSVP-ing. OTHER FEES: Renting SPACE/ LIGHT, or hiring an MUA/ stylist is your responsibility. —————————————————-★ SESSION TYPES ★—————————————————- PACKAGES: Review each Rate Sheet for options/ packages, based on Shooting Time + Images you require. GROUP BOOKINGS: are welcomed if you’d like to split the Travel + Session Costs; however the session MUST happen during the requested time-slot, and as a unit (NOT over the course of 3 days w/ 3 different ppl/ and 5 different locations). ► Portrait & Promotional: * Individual/ 1-on-1 Sessions * Couples * Families * Children * Elders * Regalia, Pow-wow & Cultural * Recording Artists * Bands * […]
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Edmonton AB ★ Mar. 12 – 15, 2010
Nadya is kicking off the RWS Spring Photo Session Tour with a trip to Edmonton, AB. This trip is CONFIRMED with sessions being scheduled March 12 – 15. I’m excited to announce that RWS is doing our first ever collaboration with Doreen Thunder Photography. If you’re not already familiar with DTP, you must check out her work! If you’re interested in booking us, please review the Rates/ Info below and send an email via the Contact Form with your session ideas and requested dates. Note: Booking Fees must be sent in advance! —————————————————–★ BASE FEES ★—————————————————– BOOKING FEES: are NON-REFUNDABLE & must be PAID IN-ADVANCE. OTHER FEES: Renting SPACE, or hiring an MUA/ stylist is your responsibility. —————————————————-★ SESSION TYPES ★—————————————————- All sessions include an online slideshow review. ►PORTRAITS: 1-on-1 sessions, Couples, Families, Children, Elders, Regalia, Pow-wow & Cultural $250 + Booking Fee ($100) Phone consultation 2 hr session 15 high-res images (via download link and/ or CD) ►HEADSHOTS: $100 + Booking Fee ($50) 1 hr session 8 high-res images (via download link and/ or CD) ►FASHION: $350 + Booking Fee ($100) Phone consultation 2 hr session Lighting provided (on location) 15 high-res images (via download link and/ or CD) […]
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Online Auction ★ FEB.25-MAR.1
Update: 2nd Online Auction Closed Feb.25 – Mar.1 Congratulations to Neyom Friday for placing the winning bid on the very first signed poster of this work entitled “Gathering of Nations – Grand Entry ” via Red Works Studio. If you missed the auction, consider signing up to the Mailing-List/ Newsletter for updates and announcements regarding special website events, promotions, discounts & offers! This item was placed in the RWS Online Auction pool based on public voting in the Prints + Posters section over the course of a few months. You’re invited to start rating images for the next auction in a few months! In unity & light, Re-Auction Should this auction item go unclaimed after 3 days, it will re-open on Sunday, March 5, 2010. Update: This item has been claimed, no re-auction. Auction Item Details: • 24 × 36″, no matte • SIGNED w/ image info on back • own the 1st signed poster of this size • final product does not have company logo
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Facebook & Twitter Poster Giveaway!
RWS is back on Facebook and Twitter with a steadily growing fan-base! RWS rewards every 1000th Facebook Fan with a free poster – congratulations to Peggy from Sturgeon Falls ON, and Kristy Fagnan from Brandon MB, for being the first 2 winners! We are fast approaching 3000 Fans, so be sure to spread the RWS love across Facebook! Someone you know could be the next Winner! RWS hasn’t forgotten about our Followers on Twitter! With a steadily growing Follower count RWS has decided to extend the Poster Giveaway across social networks – every time our Follower count bridges the 1000 mark, Nadya will randomly select a name to win a free poster.
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(Extended) Boxing Day Sale ★ 50% off!
Greetings RWS Friends & Fans! I’m excited to announce the first ever Red Works Boxing Day Sale! Recieve 50% off your purchase orders! This is your chance to save BIG on the postcards, prints & posters you’ve been eyeing this year! There are only 50 coupons available, and the sale goes on until all the coupons are used, so order multiple prints and sizes to take full advantage of this special offer! Plug this discount code: 34C3F9 throughout the Prints + Posters section! Baamaaminawaa,
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National Exposure via THIS Magazine
Nadya is featured in This Magazine, which hit bookstores across Canada last week, with a profile written by Lisa Charleyboy, titled: Turning the lens on Aboriginal urbanites with “Concrete Indians.” Here is an excerpt from online edition: “Nadya Kwandibens stepped off a Greyhound bus from Phoenix, Arizona, in Kenora, Ontario, in November 2006 with only her camera and her computer. During the two-and-a-half-day trip, her suitcase, containing all her belongings, had been misplaced at a transfer point in Omaha. She lost her clothing, her native powwow jingle dress, and sacred ceremonial items, like her smudge bowl and an eagle feather her aunt gave her. ‘I was broke, tired, hungry, happy, angry, frustrated, and nearly crying,’ she says. ‘I was standing there by the bus…'” Find out which Concrete Indians are featured! ► Read More
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25% off ★ Prints + Posters
RWS has recently made purchasing your next Prints + Posters easier thanks to – trusted by professional photographers the world-over, rest assured your purchases are handled securely and delivered swiftly by the pros. Through, RWS is excited to offer a 25% discount off all RWS Prints + Posters when you enter this coupon code: 33D277 Also check out the newly designed Prints/ Posters section for a new image rating/ voting feature!  The Top Rated images will be auctioned off every few months, so make sure you get your votes in!
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Exhibit ★ Concrete Indians
Concrete Indians is gonna do it up in Toronto this week during the Creator Within Festival presented by ANDPVA. 12 large black & white portraits will be presented featuring: Jennifer Podemski, Darrell Dennis, Michaela Washburn, Waawaate Fobister, Lisa Charleyboy, Anthony Henhawk and Jessica Yee!  I will be there, of course, to talk about the series, what it’s about and how much support it’s been getting… it’s been amazing how many people have taken to this series; folks from across Canada and the U.S.  Here are the details Duration: Nov. 18 – 22, 2009 Opening Reception: Wednesday, Nov. 18, 7 – 8pm Wychwood Barns Gallery 601 Christie Street (corner of Benson & Wychwood) View Map RSVP √ A few of the Concrete Indians will be in attendance to talk about their portrait! I hope those in the GTA will come out and see the show and say HI! Baamaaminawaa,
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Winnipeg MB ★ Nov. 3 – 7, 2009
As part of Aboriginal Music Week, RWS is pleased to announce that Nadya will be in Winnipeg Nov. 3 – 8 to provide photo-services/ event coverage for all the evening concerts!  The week features the musical talents of: Tracy Bone, Don Amero, Wab Kinew, Bastard Fairies, Joey Stylez, Digging Roots + many others… For more info visit the event website link above. RWS is also booking photo-sessions throughout the week (available mornings & afternoons).  RWS specializes in natural light Portrait (family, couple, kids, cultural/ regalia), Promotional sessions (musicians, business/ corporate), and Headshots. See the links at the right for availability, details & contact info. ★ Portraits + Promotional Sessions ★ Headshots ★ Calendar + Time-slots ★ Book now via Contact Form
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