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Red Works is available during the school year to conduct photography workshops and/or provide a presentation of images from the portfolios for small or large groups. Red Works takes the hands-on approach to leading workshops and guides participants through the basics of photography, including understanding: technicalities, composition, natural light, portraiture, one-on-one session + group dynamic, and our approach to photography. Nadya prefers the collaborative approach during the planning stages and can also provide custom modules to address specific themes or topics to create expressive photography projects that are unique to needs of each classroom or community.

To book a Half Day to 3-Day workshop, please send your request and thoughts via the contact/ email form below.


Red Works presentations consist of a slideshow of images from our portfolios, highlighting the diverse beauty of First Nation communities, events, and role models from across Canada.  A selection of Concrete Indians series portraits are also highlighted. Background information about Red Works Photography is shared which includes Nadya’s start as a professional photographer, and as a touring self-employed artist.

Note: Schools interested in the hands on workshop components offered should have cameras available, if not, Nadya can help to secure the acquisition of gear. During the planning stages, the need for lighting and gear may be addressed. Please be as thorough as possible, mentioning whether or not your school has or needs gear. Workshops longer than 3 days are also possible and can conclude with a group exhibition of participants’ photography.

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