Feature: CBC 8th Fire

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Nadya Kwandibens

8th Fire is a highly anticipated documentary series on CBC TV, Radio & CBC.ca premiering next month. RWS founder & photographer Nadya Kwandibens is featured in Episode 2 “It’s Time” which airs January 19 & 20, 2012:

“Nadya Kwandibens is Anishinaabe and French from the Northwest Angle #37 First Nation in Ontario. She is based in Toronto and much of her work explores the identity of urban Aboriginal people as illustrated in her popular Concrete Indians photography series…” [ read more ]

www: cbc.ca/doczone/8thfire
Facebook: 8thfire
Twitter: #8thfirecbc
YouTube: CBC Doc Zone: 8th Fire – Preview

[ Photo: A video still from Episode 2 “It’s Time” ]

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