Winnipeg MB ★ Nov. 3 – 7, 2009
As part of Aboriginal Music Week, RWS is pleased to announce that Nadya will be in Winnipeg Nov. 3 – 8 to provide photo-services/ event coverage for all the evening concerts!  The week features the musical talents of: Tracy Bone, Don Amero, Wab Kinew, Bastard Fairies, Joey Stylez, Digging Roots + many others… For more info visit the event website link above. RWS is also booking photo-sessions throughout the week (available mornings & afternoons).  RWS specializes in natural light Portrait (family, couple, kids, cultural/ regalia), Promotional sessions (musicians, business/ corporate), and Headshots. See the links at the right for availability, details & contact info. ★ Portraits + Promotional Sessions ★ Headshots ★ Calendar + Time-slots ★ Book now via Contact Form
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