Website Re-launch!

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Pictured: Jennifer Podemski (JPod), Doug Bedard (Plex) and Eric Hill — f/ Aboriginal Voices Radio (AVR) and The Plex Show

Welcome to the new Red Works Studio website.  RWS is currently being revamped; I’ve decided to do upgrades to the website live, as it happens, so please bear with me as the site undergoes a much needed overhaul… (content, aesthetics, interactivity + functionality).  Check back to see the progress over the next week, or if you’d rather see the whole shebang when it’s all done, consider signing up for updates via the RWS mailing list.  You will be notified of the launch once the upgrade is complete.

In unity & light,


(Note: Visual graphics & images you see during the upgrade may or many not have been created by me. They serve as generic content/ placeholders until the RWS brand and portfolio images are plugged.)

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  1. Brent 3 Sep 2009

    Love the new site Nods. Very awesome stuff. Keep up the great work.

    • Nadya 5 Sep 2009

      Thanks Brent! I’ve added a link to your site in the LINKS section :)

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